The Project

Portal of technical information for plant exporters and operators in the plant nursery industry

The Project

Portal of technical information for plant exporters and operators in the plant nursery industry


Phytoweb: the Italian portal for nurserymen exporters.

esportazione piante, florovivaisti esportatori
esportazione piante, vivaisti esportatori

PHYTOWEB is a portal adressed to plant exporters and companies that have been exporting flowers and plants abroad for some time, as well as for the ones that want to approach new markets, by quickly and easily checking the phytosanitary regulations of each destination.

The system operation is easy and immediate, usable by everyone. It consists of a search engine that generates fact sheets on the following topics:

  • Species
  • Plant material
  • Destination
  • Harmful organisms
  • Category of harmful organisms

The fact sheets that will appear at the end of the research will provide a complete overview of all the information you need to export.

Every information is also automatically translated in italian and it is always accompanied by extracts from the legislation of the country of origin.

esportare piante all'estero - vivai

Rules for exporting plants abroad

PHYTOWEB started from a project of ANVE – National Association of Nurserymen Exporters co-founded by ICE – Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, with the purpose of meeting the needs of nursery companies that export.

Within the portal you can take a view of all the phytosanitary information related to a specific destination.

All the information comes from a careful study of the relevant official regulations.

PHYTOWEB is a unique tool because it does not exist in other sources, and it is a great help to facilitate export and also to improve the company’s competitiveness in foreign markets.

The representative tool of Italian nursery companies

ANVE is the Association of nurserymen operating on a national and international level.

The organization adresses and protects all Italian nursery companies, paying particular attention to the strategic importance of export and offering support services as an effective means of dialogue with national and foreign institutions.

esportare piante all'estero, aziende vivaistiche
esportare piante all'estero, aziende florovivaistiche

The Association was established on the will of nursery companies interested in accessing to information specific and targeted on their activities and in participating to sectoral consultation forums, both in Italy, Europe and beyond the the EU’s borders.

ANVE adresses to every company that wants to achieve more representativeness, that want to internationalize as much as possible their market and face export with greater competitiveness by gaining visibility and opportunities facilitated by teamwork, instruments and facilities, entering a network of expert and organized professionals.


National Association of Nurserymen Exporters

Phytoweb: the answer to every question

Are you an operator in the plant nursery industry and want to export your plants abroad? Phytoweb finds all the phytosanitary regulations related to a specific destination.

To access all of this, sign up now.


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