Digital passport

Phytoweb allows you to create the passport for your export plants, including every information about them.


Create the passport for your plants

Add as many descriptions as you want and send it to your customers.

The plant passport is an official label used for the transfering of plants, plant products and other objects within the EU, certifying that it is free of harmful organisms.

Professional operators are required to place plant passports on the sales unit to ship.

But Phytoweb also offers the possibility to graphically prepare the digital format of the passport to send by email or mobile message to your customers, simplifying the correspondence.

Moreover, you can also choose to include all the descriptive information of the product.

passaporto fitosanitario delle piante

Phytoweb: the answer to every question

Are you an operator in the plant nursery industry and want to export your plants abroad? Phytoweb finds all the phytosanitary regulations related to a specific destination.

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Pest risk management plan

esportare piante
esportare piante all'estero

All the guidelines to follow in order to keep plants health and export them correctly.

esportazione piante, gestione delle piante


National Association of Nurserymen Exporters